Sunday, 25 August 2013

Australian Elections 2013 Winner Is...

As Australia is one of Britain's children, we really should take notice of it more but as it is so far away and when we are eating breakfast they are getting on their pyjamas, we tend to forget about it and lavish attention on our other well behaved children such as Canada instead.
Apart from England handing out the occasional shallacking to them at sport, the Australians go about their merry way without any guidance or instruction from the Mother country especially now that the British born Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has been dumped and the country get to choose their next Prime Minister.
The race is between Labor's Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia but as the election isn't until Saturday 7 September our Australian cousins will have to wait to decide whether the Australian born Rudd or England born Abbott will get their hands on power.
Or will they because there is a system that has chosen every single winner of the major elections for the last few years, Google Trends.  
If you want it to be a surprise then look away now but with a fortnight to go, and barring any scandalous pictures of him wearing a New Zealand top, it's currently Rudd but if a week is a long time in politics then a fortnight is twice as long and a few days ago Abbott had a pretty decent lead over his opponent so keep your money under your mattress for now because it's a close one.

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