Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sounds Of Summer 2013

When i was a kid the fairground was the place to go and as we ran around between the rides with our hands sticky from candy floss and our parents telling us to be careful as we ganged up on my younger brother on the bumper cars, the rickety old speakers would be pumping out music and it would always be 50's rock n roll music.
Ever since, whenever i hear the likes of 'At The Hop' or 'Johnny B Goode' i am transported back to my carefree childhood summers of the 70s.
Most years there seems to be a particular song that conjures up memories of summers past and this year i have been followed around by Daft Punk and their 'Get Lucky' song.
Not a bad song but it seems everywhere i have been since June someone has been playing it on the radio, in shops and lifts and i even saw a street entertainer doing some strange robotic dancing to it so by the weight of sheer bombardment, it has officially become my summer of 2013 song so now that we are in the dog days of summer and the long summer nights are fading into memory, PLEASE STOP PLAYING IT ALL THE TIME!!!

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