Tuesday, 27 August 2013


When you read stories like the one running on Sky News at the moment regarding what happened to the six year old boy in China, you do despair.
A six-year-old boy has had his eyes gouged out in an attack believed to have been carried out by an organ trafficker in China. The child was found covered in blood three to four hours after he went missing while playing outside with blood all over his face, his eyelids turned inside out and his eyeballs missing.
Police in Fenxi, in the northern province of Shanxi, have offered a 100,000 yuan (£10,500) reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, believed to be a woman. Pictures showed the heavily-bandaged child being taken from an operating theatre and being placed in a hospital bed as family members stood crying by his bedside.

Sick doesn't even begin to describe it.


Anonymous said...

i was told by some friends that worked in china that organized crime mutilates kids (removes limbs) becuase it makes them more successful at begging...

i'm not kidding.


Lucy said...

I have heard that happens in India also. It is hard to believe just how sick some people are.