Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas In Numbers

4bn - the number of sprouts bought in the week before Christmas
370 million - mince pies purchased over the Christmas period
25m - amount of Christmas puddings purchased in UK each year
10 million - turkeys eaten in Britain over Christmas
7 million - real fir Christmas trees sold
750,000 - the letters sent to Santa by children in the UK
230,000 - tons of food thrown away on average over the Christmas period
200,000 - trees felled to make all the Christmas cards sent in the UK
14,000 - babies conceived in December
£599 - average amount spent on presents
£262 - average amount parents will spend on each of their children
£170 - spent on the family Christmas dinner 
83- square km of wrapping paper will end up in UK rubbish bins 
£43 - average amount spent on Christmas cards
27 - amount of mince pies each Brit will each over Festive period
20 - amount of Holly Berries would need to eaten to kill the average person
15 - hours the average Briton takes to finish their Christmas shopping
14 - sprouts are eaten by the average Brit over Christmas
6   - the day in January that marks the official end of Christmas


Anonymous said...

what are sprouts? do you mean brussel sprouts - those nasty little, bitter, green cabbage things that i can only eat with and equal amout of butter (not oleo) and salt?

or bean sprouts - like what we get with chinese cuisine in the USA

or something else?

becuase that seems like a lot of sprouts... yuck (my limit is 3)


Lucy said...

They are Brussels Sprouts but i think the although 4bn may be bought, 3bn are left on the plate.

Anonymous said...

ha ha haaaa

I'm the only person I know that gets seconds and eats them... add butter and bacon!!! lot's of black pepper too!!