Monday, 30 December 2013

Bad Hair Day Coming For Blair

I'm all for hounding Tony Blair at every opportunity over his Iraq War decisions and i'm glad to say that the story refuses to go away with the decision to publish more than 100 documents, notes, records of ministerial talks, telephone conversations and private meetings between the one-time British Prime Minister and the then American president.  
The release, set for the upcoming year, is already being described as 'a bad hair day for Tony Blair' by Government officials and will allow the on-going (five year on-going) Chilcot Iraq Inquiry to publish a fuller account of the build up to the conflict.
The former Labour leader has already discovered that he is unable to turn up in public without being harassed and having things thrown at him and the revelations about to be exposed are unlikely to endear him any further to the British public who already see him as Bush's poodle during the conflict.
That is of course unless the documents suffer the same unfortunate fate of being 'accidently' shredded when the expenses scandal hit, pure coincidence that of course.
Blair must be getting nervous especially as it is the Tories dishing out the damning evidence and they might not be quite so handy with the black tape when it comes to redacting in the name of 'national security' as your lot were.
I can't see Blair turning up for any book signings for quite some time yet.

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Cheezy said...

Good stuff. It's nice to have something to look forward to.