Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bieber Retires

Musical history is full of talent that burn so brightly that they eventually flame out due to the level of creative genius.
Unfortunately it is also full of pap like Justin Bieber who has announced his withdrawal from the music industry by announcing his retirement.
The past twelve months has not been a good time for the Canadian, his description of Anne Frank as a Belieber, the visit to a German brothel, spitting on fans from a hotel balcony, the make believe meeting with the Mexican President, tour bus drugs raids, monkey abandonment, the fight with UK photographers, turning up late for concerts and collapsing on stage.
Probably his worst sin to many though was the creation of horrifically bad music so we say good-bye Justin and please enjoy your retirement AND NEVER MAKE A COMEBACK!!
To make it even sweeter, if you can take that other talentless muppet Miley Cyrus with you to obscurity, it would be much appreciated.

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