Monday, 13 January 2014

Cameron's Fracking Bribe

Without a shadow of a doubt the Government likes fracking which is why David Cameron today announced that he is going 'all out" for shale gas schemes', remembering to tag on the usual arm twisting of job creation, reduce energy bills and help the economy.
The fly in the ointment though is that nobody wants a dirty great big fracking operation in their own backyard, much better polluting elsewhere.
The Government though have thought of that and are offering 'rewards' to councils who give the green light to fracking in their area. Allow them to drill a well and the Government will hand over £1.7 million and that's a lot of biscuits at the council meetings.
It's a ruse that they tried last year with radioactive waste but only two councils stepped forward for the 'rewards' and then backed down in the face of local outrage.
Not sure why David Cameron thinks that nobody wants radioactive material under their parks and gardens but will be fine with chemicals in their drinking water and the ornaments falling off the shelf when the earthquakes come. 
I'm of course hoping that no Councils step forward to take the 'bribe' to allow fracking, will be particularly interesting to see if Cameron's own West Oxfordshire District Council steps forward for this, but unfortunately you can see some deciding the £1.7 million is worth poisoning their land and facing the wrath of protesters overs.


Anonymous said...

hey you have an idea there...

put the nuke waste in the west bank and nobody will want to live there... problem solved!


ok i'm really just joking people

Lucy said...

If they were sneaky they could slip it into the holes the fracking wells leaves behind.