Sunday, 5 January 2014

Last Supper For Ariel Sharon

It seems everyday lately, someone well know has died. James Avery (68), Phil Everly (74) and Eusebio (71) have all exited stage left in the past week and Michael Schumacher was apparently a hairs breadth away from joining them.
As Billy Joel told us, only the good die young and to prove his point Ariel Sharon is 85 but the man named after a washing powder and a fruit is still with us albeit courtesy of hospital machines as his organs fail.
Sharon was notoriously touchy about his weight, medics have him weighing in at around the 27 stone (378lbs) mark and according to his family, the evening before his stroke in 2006 he ate hamburgers, steak in chimichurri sauce, lamb chops, shish kebab salad and for dessert, Sharon had chocolate cake and then more cake.
His armoured convoy made regular stops for fast food in Jerusalem although Sharon, not on friendly terms with his neighbours, complained that his security services could not find an armoured vest large enough to cover his girth.
To many on the left, Sharon's political appetite for taking what he could from the Palestinians, he was always hungry for more land, means that he will not be missed when he goes but he was well received in Israel who lapped him up, voting him the 8th greatest Israeli of all time.
It seems the man who always had the stomach for a fight showed a woeful lack of self-control in the face of war and is going to be undone by the same lack of self-control in the face of chocolate cake.


Cheezy said...

Don't blame poor old Ariel. He had a lot of his plate.

Cheezy said...

*on* his plate.

I fluffed the punchline, Bruce Forsyth style.

Samuel Guevara said...

The killer of Sabra and Shatila. This pig (in every sense) is the responsible of the murder of 3.500 civilians there, and he will be always reminded for that.

Lucy said...

Very good Cheezy, well worth the weight.

Very true Samuel but he was famously touchy about his weight so i went down the 'yo Prime Minsters so fat the coastguards asked him to get off the beach as the tide wanted to come in' route just to be different.

Anonymous said...

Yeah if a pop song writer said it then it is truth... Almost as powerful as an observation by an actor