Thursday, 30 January 2014

New Flag For New Zealand

The New Zealander's are so fed up with everything thinking that their flag is the Australian flag that they are considering replacing it and the most popular choice is a silver fern leaf on a black background.
The New Zealand Flag is a few stars on a blue background with a Union Flag in the corner while the Australian one is a blue background with a Union Flag in the corner and a few stars but because foreigners keep confusing the two for some reason, New Zealand are to hold a referendum on what to replace the design with.
Judging by the reaction from excited Kiwi's on the internet, the black flag with the silver fern is very popular with more than few mentions of it looking like a bad ass Pirate flag which makes me wonder what sort of pirates books they read as kids if a bit of plant rather than a skull and cross-bones chilled the bones of their sailors.
Black flags are also associated with funerals and mourning and a cursory glance through the big book of flags doesn't show up one single black flag so it would be a unique choice. 
I do feel though that a flag should represent the country and fair play to New Zealand if it wants to change its flag to distance itself from its Antipodean neighbours but we all know that as soon as a New Zealander opens their mouths, we will just assume they are Australian anyway no matter what flag they have.

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