Friday, 3 January 2014

Why So Wet And Windy?

It seems as though the wet and windy weather is going to continue with the MET Office forecasting yet another storm set to bash the UK on Sunday. So why are we on the end of a conveyor belt of these storms?
The answer lays, with most problems, with North America and our old friend the Jet Stream.
In the North of America, it is cold, -22C in Canada, and the cold air is moving down and meeting warm air, 19C in Florida, and the stronger the temperature contrast where they meet, the stronger the Jet Stream which runs from America to the UK across the Atlantic and the stronger the Jet Stream, the deeper the low pressure systems and the deeper they are, the more rain and wind gets flung at the UK.
Simples, it's the continent of North America's fault that you had to sit with frizzy hair at work all day as it got wet this morning and you got home an hour late as your route was blocked by a fallen tree.


Anonymous said...

Actually, if you dont like the climate and you stay in place it is your fault...


Lucy said...

I have no problem with the rain, i like the rain. Just don't like watching peoples lives being destroyed by too much of it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you sentiment. why people build and buy homes in flood plains is beyond me. worse, why they rebuilt there is insane (example: new Orleans and everybody along the Mississippi river).


Lucy said...

I'm not sure who grants the permission for the building in these areas but they need to review it.