Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blackberry Classic Q20

My Blackberry Curve is finally on it's last legs and i have been been mulling over whether to go for the Q10 or wait for the latest incarnation, the Blackberry Classic Q20, to arrive in the shops and after a few delays it is finally set to be launched December 17th priced at what Blackberry called a competitive price aimed at drawing people back to the failing company.
What i call a competitive price and what the Canadian firm call it are obviously widely different as the handset is on the Blackberry site to pre-order at £349.
There is no way on earth that i would pay that much for something that spends the day being bounced around in my bag or sat on in my back pocket. The Curve was flaky enough with the many scroll button replacements it undertook and the gradual erosion of the rubber buttons down the side after 3 years of wear and tear.
It was only my preference for the physical keyboard that i decided to hang around with the Blackberry but they have lost me with that pricing.
With a lack of physical keyboards on mobiles elsewhere, the decision is to go for the older Q10 for approx £150 or break the obsession and make my peace with the on-screen keypad and go elsewhere.
Tough choice but as i know it will be dropped on a few occasions, have coffee spilled over it once or twice and be generally thrown around alongside the rest of the stuff in my bag, it won't be a £349 Blackberry Classic.

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