Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Let The Court Appearances Begin

The CIA may call them 'enhanced interrogation techniques' but if anyone else did them they would be quite rightly be called torture.
After the release of the summary of the report compiled by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the most surprising thing is that people are surprised by it, we all knew it was going on at the time so sexual abuse, beatings, water boarding and sleep deprivation are not anything we didn't already know. 
The report also states that the intelligence gained through torture was next to useless and 'failed to gather any information that foiled subsequent threats to US national security' which takes away the legs of anyone who wants to argue that it stopped further attacks and the US later released the majority of those they tortured back in to the world after years of imprisonment without charge.
As for the damage to Americas good reputation, what good reputation would that be? George W Bush splashed that up the nearest wall with his actions following 9/11.
So when do the trials start? The UN special rapporteur on counter terrorism and human rights, Ben Emmerson, has released a statement saying 'It is now time to take action' and 'The individuals responsible for the criminal conspiracy revealed in today’s report must be brought to justice' so let's start rounding them up and get them in front of a judge otherwise it's just many pages of meaningless words and George W Bush gets to go on television and bewilderingly call the torturers 'patriots' and therefore justifies the actions of every despot and tyrant there has ever been.

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