Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top Posts 2014

There have been 432 posts on this blog in 2014 and this is a good time to look back and see which ones fill the top 5 slots and which ones can be left to whither on the Internet vine. 
Easily the top post was 'Frank Carson And Linda Nolan Mystery Solved' which was when i spilled the reason behind the argument on Celebrity Big Brother between Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson. The Sun newspaper was making people sign up and pay a monthly subscription to find out the answer so i thought i would be a bit mischievous and provided it free. Take that Rupert Murdoch.
Second highest viewed post was 'That's A Shame' which was my mulling over of the British Military cutbacks which resulted in the US Defence Secretary saying we may not be able to join them in future military adventures.
The third was 'Ware Is The Porn Capital Of The UK' which had the sticky little fingers of Ware residents all over it and fourth was a grim subject i come back to again and again, 'America Raises Bar In Mad Gun Laws'.
The fifth was 'Dear Students', a personal letter to students of all ages as they reach the end of the academic year and to reiterate that this really is the best time of their lives and not to waste it. 
My personal favourites were 'Closing the Asimov Loophole' and 'The Ultimate World Address', both which had me putting a foot into the camp where people in white overalls with pens in their top pocket and more braincells in their little finger than i have in my whole head inhabit and where i risk real embarrassment and triple check everything before i post it. 

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