Saturday, 6 December 2014

Religion Doing Science

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation have been living up to their name and doing some spiritual and scientific research on climate change and the figures are in and the science has been collaborated and the reason behind climate change is...negative energies such as selfishness, greed, anger, aggressiveness and possessiveness emanating from humans.
They found that there is a rise in spiritual pollution which allows the likes of ghosts, demons and devils from the spiritual dimension to capitalise on this increase in the human race and just as we try to clean dirt out of the spaces that we use from time to time at a physical level, nature responds to the need for cleansing and correcting the subtle intangible pollution of spiritual pollution in the environment which results in an increase of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, eruption of volcanoes, cyclones etc.
It's conclusion is that 'it is imperative that we understand the basic root causes of global warming and natural disasters and take appropriate steps to eradicate the spiritual pollution in the world'.
I suppose the nicest thing to say is that it is another view but i guess religionists doing science was never going to be a good match.


Q said...
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Lucy said...

Would envy and jealousy come under possessiveness or selfishness? Might be best not to think about it, those ghost or demons may hear.