Friday, 12 July 2019

A Small Step For Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists

As we approach 50 years since man first walked on the moon, there are a lot of programmes coming on soon about the Apollo 11 mission and how human beings took their first step onto another ball of rock which wasn't the Earth, or did they because there are plenty of people out there who think the whole thing was faked.
Despite the evidence including 382kg of moon rock and images from the Nasa Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing the tracks made by the astronauts in the moon dust, the conspiracy theorists refuse to accept it as one guest explained on ITV's This Morning that: 'no one could have walked on the moon as the moon is made of light'.
So with the bar not set very high, the non-believers point to such things a lack of a blast crater under the landing module, the way the shadows fall, a lack of stars in the pictures and the technology just not being available in 1969. 
In  a poll, 6% of Brits and 20% of Americans believe that the landings were faked, probably created in a movie studio in the desert somewhere and if you are one of those you may not want to get within reach of Buzz Aldrin who punched a moon conspiracist but with several nations racing to go back to the moon with 2024 pencilled in, the theorists may have to pause for thought when we get there and send video back of man stood on the moon.
Strangely i have never heard of a conspiracy theory that Yuri Gagarin ever made it into space and it is a small step for mankind to go from orbiting the Earth to making a landing, by all accounts only just, on another traveller around the Sun but while the moon landing conspirators are mostly harmless, there are some out there spreading far worse but equally ludicrous theories.

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