Tuesday, 9 July 2019

UK Ambassadors Truthful Words

The most surprising thing about the row that has broken out over the British Ambassadors assessment of Donald Trump and his Government as inept, incompetent and insecure is that anybody who has been paying attention is surprised.
An Ambassadors role is give their Government an honest assessment of the leadership of whatever country they happen to be in and if he had said anything other than what a mess the American leadership is, then nobody would have believed him.
I imagine the American Ambassador is feeding back to his Government what an absolute shower are running Britain the only difference is that Sir Kim Darroch's words have been made public.
Donald Trump's orange tinged skin is so thin that he has taken umbrage at being called damaging and dismissing his claim over the aborted Iran attack while saying that his Government will never look competent or normal, is dysfunctional and diplomatically clumsy have obviously hit home because Trump has come out shaking his tiny fists and stamping his feet.
Not only has he hit back at Darroch in the usual childish manner but he has also had a swing at Theresa May therefore confirming Trump's colossal moronic nature.
I think the ambassador’s comments let him off lightly if anything but i guarantee that the Americans Ambassadors words back to his Government concerning Theresa Mays leadership and any upcoming Boris Johnson Government is just as damning. 

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