Saturday, 6 July 2019

Arsenal Fans Looking At Our Calendars Mournfully

It's that time of the year when i fear for my Arsenal Calendar because the transfer season has started and before the year is out i could have other teams players on my wall telling me what day of the month it is.
Aaron Ramsey (January) has already gone and will be sitting out injured at Juventus's Allianz Stadium from August onwards but i still have Mesut Ozil (July), Laurent Koscielny (October) and Lucas Torreira (December) are all rumoured to be wanted elsewhere and while i would willingly accept the disruption to my 2019 calendar to see the back of Ozil, i don't want Bayer Leverkusen and
AC Milan players looking back at me from the kitchen wall over Halloween and Christmas.
I will have to do what i did last year and cut out the head of any new signings from the newspaper to cover them up but it isn't very aesthetically pleasing although i would quite enjoy seeing Wilfred Zaha on my wall in an Arsenal kit, so much so i might sacrifice Torreira or Koscielny for him even if they stay at the Emirates.
What is even worse if when players leave in the January transfer window because that's your calendar screwed while it still smells of the cellophane wrapper it came in but if ever a team needed to bring in new players it's Arsenal but with a reduced transfer budget this summer they will have to sell some to bring in others so us Arsenal fans could be waving goodbye to quite a few of our favourites, oh and also Mesut Ozil.

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