Thursday, 11 July 2019

Keeping Robinson Away From Society

If you are told by the police to stop doing something, but you carry on and then are handed a suspended sentence by the court but then still carry on, you can fully expect the next time you appear infront of the judge you will be spending time at her Majesty's pleasure which is exactly what has happened to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon or Tommy Robinson as he calls himself.
As had previously been handed a suspended sentence for 'contempt of court' and 'interfering with a trial' after live-streaming at a court case in Canterbury 2017, he then went on to do it again in 2018 during a black out of reporting restrictions and the publication of any details until the end of a series of linked trials involving 29 defendants.
Amidst scuffles amongst Yaxley-Lennon supporters and police after he was handed a 9 month jail sentence, the call was that he had been imprisoned for some sort of 'free speech' infringement and Robinson wore a 'convicted for journalism' t-shirt with 'Britain = North Korea' on the back.
Far right EDL leader and sun bed shop owner Robinson said on Monday that he had sought political asylum in the United States, claiming that he feared for his life as 'dark forces are at work' in his home country which is true but they are right wing morons which are claiming he is a victim of oppression and that he is some sort of political prisoner.  
That he had the abhorrent Katie Hopkins in court supporting him and he has appealed to the appalling Donald Trump to save him shows just what a murky and racist pool he swims in so jail is the best place for him, safely away from society and not pretending to be a journalist.

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