Thursday, 25 July 2019

What Small Teeth You Have Grandma

Humans have had a pretty good run of things and as we haven't actually been around that long in the scheme of things for evolution to change us that much, as time goes on just what has evolution got in store for us?
Over the next 200,000 years, assuming that civilisation still exists then and we haven't blown our stupid selves to smithereens by then, scientists have come up with a list of just how evolution will affect us.
First up is larger skulls as Cesarean Sections become more common place, allowing children with larger heads to be born whereas previously large headed children died or suffered brain damage during childbirth.
As we no longer need 5 toes to grip things unlike our tree dwelling ancestors, we will lose a toe and become a 4 toed creature and the process is underway as toes are shrinking as are teeth which have halved in size over the last 100,000 years due to changes in the shape of our jaws.
Hair loss has been ongoing since we first climbed down from the trees and scientists expect that to continue but as our hair fell out we grew, gaining 10cm in the last 150 years alone due to better diets although we have been growing steadily weaker as we develop machinery to do the physically demanding (and strength enhancing) jobs that we once performed.
So as we are heading towards a future with four toed humans with smaller teeth, bigger and balder heads and physically feeble bodies, all i can say is that i don't fancy yours much. 

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