Friday, 5 July 2019

Johnson's Sugar Tax U-Turn

Whenever an politician makes a drastic u-turn on a policy you do have to wonder why and the golden rule is to look at who is funding them and so we have Boris Johnson who said in 2015 that 'We have more obese adults than we have normally proportioned human beings and that is a quite extraordinary state of affairs. It’s a massive health risk' and 'That’s why I’m thinking about sugar taxes and whether London should be leading on that' before adding 10p to the cost of a soft drink.
Now in 2019, on the same day that Cancer Research UK launched a campaign saying obesity causes more of some cancers than smoking and and with the Health Minister planning to strengthen the obesity strategy, Johnson now says he wants to curb the sugar tax and to take 'a proper look at the continuing creep of the nanny state'.
Strange how he can swing through 180 degrees but maybe we can have a look at who is running his campaign, Lynton Crosby who just happens to run a firm, Crosby Textor Fullbrook Partners, who lobby in Australia on behalf of a soft drinks company that contains even more sugar than Coca-Cola.
Possibly it is all a massive coincidence and the £23,000 that Johnson also received in donations from CTF Partners has nothing to do with the sudden reversal in policy.
As we also found out today that Theresa May kept back sensitive information from him when he was Foreign Secretary as she couldn't trust him with it, the 150,000 Conservative members who get to vote the next Prime Minister into Office have a decision to make, vote for Johnson and his naked money grabbing who the PM didn't even trust or Hunt who oversaw the worst NHS crisis in modern times.

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