Saturday, 7 April 2018

A New Centre Left Party For UK

British politics has been stale for some time, the New Labour project under Tony Blair took Labour so far to the right that they were on nodding terms with the Conservatives while Jeremy Corbyn has dragged Labour back to the left but has widely overshot where it should be.
The Conservatives have always been very right wing and it was only Theresa May being given a drubbing at the last election that stopped some of the most severe right wing policies coming to fruition.
With the Conservatives so far right and Labour now so far left there is a nice space in the middle and a new political party have thrown their hat in the ring to try and fill that space and they are so new they havent even got a name yet.
Moving in the shadows for the past 12 months, the party has senior figures from the worlds of business and charity involved, as well as donors from the main parties.    
While figures from across the political spectrum from Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems are said to be involved in the party although they are understandably refusing to break rank until the last minute, much of its policy platform appears to be aimed mainly at a liberal, centre-left audience.
The concern is that any new centre left party will just split the left's vote and allow the right wing parties to swoop in and heaven help us if we get another term from Theresa May's bunch of clueless imbeciles, especially if they have a stronger hand to force through the caustic and heartless policies they wanted to this time.

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