Monday, 9 April 2018

Rudderless Amber

You couldn't move this weekend for a Conservative MP denying that the 27,000 less police officers and £700m cuts to the police service are responsible for the spike in crime which probably contributed to the plucky Home Office official who leaked a Government report that Home Office document which suggested cuts would lead to a spike in crime.
Responding to questions about the report, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that she hadn't seen the study which she ordered and was plonked into her in-tray in February, saying there are 'a lot of documents that go round the department' and was instead keen to talk about the extra £40m they are putting in to tackle the issue as per the The Offensive Weapons Bill.
Jeremy Corbyn has said Amber Rudd has been 'completely undermined' by the leaked Home Office documents and has demanded the home secretary explain herself to parliament why she was ignoring evidence from its own officials.
Only yesterday she had gone on TV to assert that the 14% fall in police numbers since 2010 was entirely coincidental, but now it had emerged that the policy wonks in her own department had come to precisely the opposite conclusion if only she had bothered to read the evidence that her researchers had made the effort to compile for her.
From the faltering Brexit negotiations to fouling up the NHS, the Conservatives are drowning in their own incompetence which makes it even more of a question why are Labour not trouncing them in the polls?

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