Monday, 30 April 2018

Israel's New Iran Evidence 13 years Old

When you show up at the United Nations with a picture of a cartoon bomb as evidence to show how dangerous another nation is, then you tend to be a tad disbelieving of the nation pointing the finger but unperturbed by looking like an idiot last time, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is at it again and trying to pick a fight with Iran.
Without the Roadrunner style ACME graphics, this time he has presented 'new and conclusive proof' that Iran have been hiding their nuclear weapons program.
'Iran lied, big time' he said saying that he had tens of thousands of documents that showed 'Iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons programme'.
That would be the tens of thousands of documents that were new once, in 2005, as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) explained they were reading and included in their presentation in 2008 which formed their decision that work on the Iranian nuclear project ceased in 2003 and found no evidence of further research activities after 2009.
The IAEA have already dismissed Netanyahu's 'new' evidence as something they have seen before and most of which they made public in 2011.
Israel have forwarded the 'evidence' to America where brains trust Donald Trump used it to attack the JCPOA which he is expected to pull out of shortly, saying 'it proved he was 100% right about the flaws of the agreement'.
That the chuckle brothers Trump and Netanyahu and America and Israel are putting their heads together to plot a path to war with Iran is not a thing to fill anyone with confidence and that they are faking the evidence of non-existent weapons of mass destruction has echoes of the last time a particularly dumb American President was trying to pick a fight with a Middle Eastern country and
that didn't turn out too well.
Netanyahu and Israel should stick to what it does best because those unarmed Palestinian civilians aren't going to shoot themselves.

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