Sunday, 29 April 2018

Not Respecting the Brexit Vote

The Brexit supporters have a way of trying to shut down any argument against the destructive coursed that the country is taking, they say that is remainers should accept the will of the British people and accept the result.
Putting to one side the argument that it is the will of 52% of the British people, not all of them, the idea that we should just quietly accept the result is nonsense.
I have never voted Conservative but many of my fellow Britons have so does that mean that we should accept the will of the British people and not argue against Theresa May and her cohorts, of course not so why should us Remainers just slope away and silently accept the result of just over half of the British people when it comes to the damaging Brexit result?  
If i had my way i would ignore the 52% and say for the good of the country we have to stay in the EU and leaving the largest single market in the World is extreme madness but the Conservatives are far too keen to press on regardless despite making a pigs ear of negotiations.
Now that it is becoming clear just what it will mean and the detrimental effect it will have on Britain, it is time to either push for a second referendum or to completely abandoned it altogether.
It is an awkward truth that what many people wanted when they voted Leave isn't going to happen without making everyone significantly poorer and the Government should have the guts to scrap the deeply flawed EU referendum before we are committed to it and Britain makes the most monumentally awful self-inflicted decision of it's life.

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