Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Long And Short Of Men's Hair

There is an advert running on the TV at the moment that has a little song which contains the line 'I like men with long hair' which is a sentiment i go along with wholeheartedly.
There is also the line that the female singer likes machines that buzz in just the right place but let's put that to one side and get back to men's hair.
I have always preferred men with flowing locks which have put me at odds with most women who prefer their mans hair to be short and tidy and probably says something about me i would rather not know.
The fashion here seems to be for short, tightly cropped or shaven hair which is fine unless it is on a man who is trying to disguise a bald spot which just makes me think of the past trend of combing hair from the side across the mans bald head.
I am not talking about hair halfway down a mans back like some sort of heavy metal fan, i am thinking of Kurt Cobain length before he took a shotgun to it or Brad Pitt in Interview with A Vampire.
It also has to be clean and worn down, if he puts it up into a pony tail he
just looks like a git with a pony tail.
I can see me being pretty lonely standing on the i-like-men-with-long-hair side of this post.


Cody Bones said...

If that's the case, I'm definitely on your shit-list.

Falling on a bruise said...

pony tail?

The Little Cheese said...

Totally with you Lucy, long hair is the thing... not the comb over though, that is just wrong x

Paula said...

I like collar-length hair, or short, but not buzzed. Bald can be sexy, especially if we're talking about that Michael guy who runs the coffee shop downstairs where I work.

Cody Bones said...

No pony tail, just buzzed to the nub, especially in the summer.

Cheezy said...

Another one for your shitlist here! Only my chest and armpits are lush and fertile.

Weirdly enough, I really like a lack of hair on the fairer sex too (settle down at the back). Not a boyish bob though - just short and a bit 'tousled'. I like to know if there's a good head underneath those locks (continue settling down please).

Maybe it's just me but I see 'big hair' as a bit of an 80s thing generally (or at least it certainly was for me - I couldn't grow it like that nowadays!)

Cody Bones said...

"Only my chest and armpits are lush and fertile."

At least Cheezy and I don't have any back hair. Does that get us points?

Anonymous said...

I was right with you, until you became specific and I turned out to be some heavy -metal git.

Anonymous said...

lol, lucy. I'm dating a guy that I call 'greezy' but he's really just the exception to the rule and has longer, loosly worn hair than the average look, as you describe. There's nothing wrong with him or his style come to think of it although I don't know why you did'nt elaborate on the "machines that buzz in just the right place"
My ears were pricked and my mind anticipating your knowledge of such things! tehehe

Jodie Kash said...

Longish hair is ever so sexy, only when hip, styled and clean and none of that bald coin spot up top where nothing grows. That or something a tad retro, like the mini-jet-black-pompadour John Cusack rocks.

Falling on a bruise said...

Well cover me in margarine and call me Daphne, i was wrong about being lonely liking men with long hair.
You know what to do guys, throw away the razors and the clippers and you will be beating the ladies off with a stick. If you can see them that is, you're hair might be in your eyes.

Lush chest and armpit hair i have no problem with, when it comes out the nose or ears i draw the line.

Machines that go buzz in just the right place neo...i thought she was referring to her alarm clock. No idea what else she could mean.

Anne said...

i have a long hair "thing" as well.
considering my age, that probably isn't too surprising. just an old hippie, at heart. (also, brad pitt in legends of the fall!)

Paula said...

Someone said John Cusack! ~faints~

Anonymous said...

I don't think that my husband would look so good with long hair. Only because I'd have visions of him as a youth, complete with a mullet. No thanks.:)