Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Moving Iran Into The Cross Hairs

A Senior US official at a briefing in Baghdad, July 2007.

Washington say Iran is in collaboration with elements linked to al-Qaida.
Washington say Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
Washington say Iran is hosting al-Qaida training camps.
Washington received this information from captured insurgents.

Ever get that feeling we have been here before?
Surely, even the most idiotic of Presidents would not try this one again.
Would he?


Cody Bones said...

They meant to invade Iran in the first place, we were all for it and on board. Some moron in the State Department mistook a N for a Q, and here we are today. I hate paperwork.

Jodie Kash said...

Are you new here? He's got alot to do in few months, and this is how all girl fights start, with rumors in the school bathroom.

The Fez Monkey said...

Unfortunately, our idiot boy-king is a true believer, meaning he would absolutely try this thing again.

Fortunately, even the most fervent and rabid chickenhawks in DC realize that there is no physical way in hell we can manage to do this thing again.

There's this tiny problem of most of our available resources, weapons, money, equipment, and personnel currently involved in a giant shitstorm over in Iraq.

And people still think we are there combatting terrorism. Stunning.

Ook ook

Paula said...

I don't think he could drum up enough support -- even the Republicans are moving away from him now.

Yeah, we're combatting terror by supporting the Iraq Prez who's sympathetic to Iran and ignoring the 9/11 planners hiding out in Pakistan. What a great strategy.

Anne said...

To think that the man and I laughed at the impossibility of that fool ever getting the nomination-much less the presidency. This has been the longest six years in my almost-half century. He doesn't need support to do his deeds-he just does them Insanity reigns supreme, for sure.

Cheezy said...

There is a quote being attributed to a 'Senior Bush Official' in May 2003... It went something like this:

"Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran."

Well, I guess anyone can go to Baghdad. Tragically though, not everyone can come back.

Anonymous said...

"Surely, even the most idiotic of Presidents would not try this one again.
Would he?"

What's to stop him? Some musty, outdated old document?

Anonymous said...

Bush doesn't need anyone's support to do anything. We've all learned that these past few years. Congress won't stop him. The people can't stop him. Are other countries going to stop him? Doubtful. He's got a serious god complex and no one's beat that out of him yet. The Dems with all their public support just gave the man a blank check to do with what he pleases. There's nothing stopping him from using that money to go after Iran.

He'll get his Armageddon one way or the other.

Falling on a bruise said...

The worry is that he has 15 months left to run, does not have to get re-elected and has a present legacy that stinks he is looking to improve.
Don't know how we can stop him if he is determined, we will have to rely on the politicians and the media to not be so quick to roll over this time.

Magicman said...

I think Bush has always wanted to take on Iran; he seems hell bent on stamping his authority on the whole region.

Could it be because it's an oil rich region and oil is the family business??

If it's dictatorships and organised terrorism he so wants to stamp out, where is the invasion of Zimbabwe?

O' Tim said...

As Miz UV pointed out, "Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan..."

Stephen K said...

I'm hoping he won't, but it's looking more and more like it could happen. According the the Guardian, the neocons are getting the upper hand in the White House.

Daniel said...

'The neocons are getting the upper hand in the White House,' says Stephen. Where have you been for the last six and a half years?

Of course Bush will try it. Of course, as a Texan, he won't go to Iran until his soldier boys have done the job for him, allowed the coward to land amidst the oilfields, swagger a bit, then say, "Mission Accomplished."

Why doesn't someone put him out of his misery?