Wednesday, 4 July 2007

We Don't Do 4th July Here

July 4th is not mentioned over here, it is a dirty little secret we keep hidden because Britain don't like to admit losing wars, it is bad for our ego so we pretend that America just sort of came into existence and then concentrate on how we bashed the Hun.
Then won a Football World Cup against them as well.

Move along, nothing to see here.


Cheezy said...

I guess that's correct*, but I don't think Britain is unusual in this -- I don't think there are too many countries that like to 'celebrate' their defeats.

As an example: Does anyone think there'll ever be a 'Iraq Day' (commemorating the glorious events currently underway in that country)in either the USA or the UK?. I guess it's only natural to not enjoy being reminded of how you got your ass/arse (delete as appropriate) handed to you on a plate.

* Although it was America Day at my work (in London) yesterday. It was officially 'Burger Day'. The Fourth of July can come more than once a year as far as I'm concerned! :)

Kos said...

"I don't think there are too many countries that like to 'celebrate' their defeats."

Hell, ours doesn't even admit them!

The Fez Monkey said...

That WC victory was back in 1960. And the other triumphs over the hun even further back in history.

You people really need to stop living in the past. Be more like us. Even though we haven't really accomplished much of anything in the last 50 or so years either, that doesn't stop us from wallowing in delusion and fantasy. Nope. We've managed to morph the nightmare of Viet Nam into a Hollywood cash-cow while our Orwellian masters subtly change history so it seems we left both voluntarily and honorably. Of course it helps when the majority of our populace are mouth-breathing morons.

Be more ignorant. Be more American.

Ook ook.