Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Philin...Phillan...Philent...Giving Away Money

In between deciding which sheet to wear for the day and philosophising about matters, Greek thinker Plato once turned his thoughts to what passed for wealth 2300 years ago and decided that man either spread his wealth or become what he despised.
Karl Marx picked up the mantle, combed his impressive beard and wrote a whole book on the matter which has those of us who bothered to read the thing, pondering on the disproportionate distribution of wealth ever since.
There must have been a copy of the Communist Manifesto in Glasgow local library because the new style of 21st century communism based on the common sharing of wealth has reached unprecedented levels with Sir Tom Hunter giving away £1bn to charity.
Scotland's richest man is pledging to give away the money which will make his the single most generous philanthropic commitment made by a Briton.
Earning his money from a chain of sports shops, Sir Tom said he is increasingly concerned about the growing gap in the UK between the rich and poor and wanted to boost opportunities for those at the bottom.
"There is more great wealth in fewer hands than ever before in history. With great wealth comes great responsibility."
It really does restore your faith in humans, Scotsman and Germans with silly facial hair writing political books.


throckey said...

which part restores your faith? the Scotsmen and Germans with silly facial hair? or the political books?

Seattlites really have mastered the silly facial hair thing. It is to weep.

Cody Bones said...

The difference between Marx and Sir Tom is that the money is given VOLUNTARILY. Personal freedom and acting in your own rational self interest trumps forced redistribution of wealth any time.

Anonymous said...

"With great wealth comes great responsibility."

An obvious Spidey fan.

The Fez Monkey said...

This Sir Tom is a Scot, you say?

Hmmm. Then two things obviously come to mind.

1) He amassed his fortune because he never bothered to spend a cent on anything that wasn't absolutely necessary nor on sale.

2) He was completely drunk (or pissed, as you poms say) when he made his donation, and will howl murder once he sobers up.

Ook ook

Falling on a bruise said...

Restores my faith in humans throckery, my faith in Scotsman and Germans with silly facial hair was never that high anyway.
Redistribution of wealth is a Socialist trait cody and it has also been pointed out, something Jesus was pretty hot on, the Communist.
A pissed Scotsman who is tight with money Fez, unheard of!

O' Tim said...

So where can this Tom feller be reached?