Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Advice For Hillary

Poor old Hillary. She probably expected to breeze in as the Democrat candidate but she didn't reckon on Obama coming along and directing his stream onto her camp fire. Now it seems that it’s Texas or bust for the former first lady who seems to be quickly disappearing under the wheels of the fast moving Obama juggernaut.
Whether she was responsible for releasing the picture of Obama dressed in the traditional Somali dress which resembles something the well dressed Taliban fighter is wearing this year or not, she does seem to be casting the image of someone who is fast losing their grip on the prize but she has forgotten her biggest asset. She has two X chromosomes while Obama is struggling along with just the one.
She has long projected an image of being tough and hard and more than a match for a man in a man's world but my advice to her is use what nature gave you to your advantage and i predict your rival will be floundering and damning his testicles to Hades.
Listen Hillary, this is what you have to do. Remember New Hampshire when you allowed the voters to see that soft underbelly? That is your secret weapon.
The two biggest drag factors you face is your vote for the Iraq War (What was you thinking woman) and your image. Both problems can be solved with one stone and i think it is probably your last throw of the presidential dice.
Get to a lectern the night before voting, anyone will do but just make sure the Worlds media have you in focus and in your best soft voice apologise.
Don't be soppy or over the top because if you make it look fake you have blown it, just say sorry for that vote and mean it.
A small tremor in the voice, maybe a few stops to clear your throat and sip at some handily placed water and just say you messed up, you are sorry but you have learnt from your mistake and are wiser for it and you hope that you will be given the chance to make amends but if not, you understand and thank everyone for their support.
If you can pull off the peek inside the softer and more human Hillary instead of the tough exterior you usually show, Texas and Ohio voters will see you in a different light.
Alternatively, you can try and brass it out. You have won every state that has a high Latino population so far and Texas especially has a decent enough percentage so you may yet live to fight another day, but my advice would be to find that lectern and munch on that humble pie.


David G said...

I cringe every time I hear Hillary speaking. She has a voice like a cross between a circular saw and a foghorn.

I can see why Bill goes on long overseas trips!


annie said...

LOL, david g!

Lucy, I feel that even if she could pull off a tear-stained apology, it would still be too little and too late. People see through it.

Cheezy said...

I think the other problem with an apology is that it wouldn't exactly tally with her plan for Iraq, which is to stay for an indefinite period.

She also still lying about what happened regarding Iraq in the Clinton era. Just last month she said:

"We bombed them for days in 1998 because Saddam Hussein threw out inspectors."

Lie. That bombing campaign had been planned for months and the inspectors weren't thrown out by Saddam - they were told to leave by Bill Clinton in anticipation of the bombing.

Hillary can claim precisely zero moral high ground (even over Bush) on this issue.

Kvatch said...

You know... I'm not an Obama fan, but I see the way the wind is blowing, and I don't think he can be stopped.

So I think Senator Clinton should retire from the race with her head held high. There is so much for her yet to do, and even a heart-felt apology wouldn't salvage this situation.

Lucy said...

I also think Obama has got the wind in his sails and Hillary chances are slim at best, if Texas and Ohio go against her she should gracefully step down and get behing Obama.
I think her stand on Iraq stinks also Cheezy and it seems to be that telling that particular lie about the weapons inspectors (Blair tried it also in 2003 but Paxman dragged him up short) is one of those that if told enough, people will believe it.

Anonymous said...


Most people just don't seem to like Hillary. Clearly some do. But the ones that support her tend to do it because they are female and they want a female pres, or they see her as 4 more years of Bill (though you don't hear that very often either).

I'm not sure why Hispanics like Hillary, but in the US there is a lot racial tension between Hispanics and Blacks - in my opinion.


annie said...

and you are...white?

Anonymous said...


If you are talking to me (Q) the answer is I'm sort of "whiteish". Why?

Are you... white?


annie said...

yep, i'm white as snow, and almost pink in the summertime.