Thursday, 7 February 2008

Valentine Songs

Paul Simon may have told us slip out the back jack or hop on the bus gus and another 48 other ways to leave your lover but there have been countless other songs telling us ways to let them know that we are going to be staying around.
With Valentines Day looming we are going to be bombarded with lists of the greatest love songs to snuggle up on the sofa to. Most are the usual fare as one Greatest Every Love Song's Cd mingles into another one so i present here my Top 10 Love songs that make my little heart go pitter patter.

10 'You're Still the One' Shania Twain. Very sappy but i like it.
9. 'Wonderful World' Sam Cooke. He may not know anything about History or Geography but he has a great voice and this is just a happy, floaty song.
8. 'Wonderful tonight' Eric Clapton. Another sappy one but it is one of those rare love songs that isn't about the first flushes of love.
7. 'Without You' Harry Nillson. The ultimate loved and lost song. Copied by everyone and his dog but this version remains 'the one' thanks to the haunting piano intro and Nillson's lamentable vocals.
6. 'Will You' Hazel O Connor. 'And I'm feeling all fingers and thumbs, I spill my tea, oh silly me!' she sings and sums up perfectly everything about the start of a relationship. Also, contains one of the greatest sax solos ever.
5.'Sweet Child O' Mine'Guns N' Roses. It begins with Slash, has a magnifenct Slash solo in the middle and ends with the maestro but in between is Axl Rose going on about his baby's blue eyes and pretty smile. Not the greatest lyrics ever written but it shows that great love songs do not have to be ballads and can contain arse kicking guitar solos. By Slash preferably.
4. 'Time Of You Life' Green Day. Many interpretations of this song but to me it is all about not having any doubts in a relationship and ending up regretting what could of been.
3.'I Will Always Love You' Whitney Houston. A rare case of the copy being so much better than the original. The part where the drum beat is followed by a split second of silence and then, out of thin air Whitneys superb vocals chime 'And I-I-I-I-I...' blow me away with a tingling spine everytime.
2. 'God Only Knows' The Beach Boys. Hard to imagine any love song starting with "I may not always love you' but after acknowledging the heart's fickle nature, it goes on to show the sometimes frightening, fearsome and all encompassing power of love.
1. 'Only You' The Platters. Performed by one of the greatest voices ever to flow through a microphone. Lyrics don't come much more heartlfelt than the opening line "Only You, can make all this world seem right'.


The Intolerant One said...

First of all I must mention it is hilarious to read your entry for Thursday, February 7th when it is still only 8:12pm Wednesday, February 6th over here :)))

Secondly, and more importantly, have you rocked out to "Sweet child 'O mine" on Playstation's Guitar Hero 2?

I have become a rock gawd! I knew I could outplay the Slash meister on that tune LOL!!!

Been a while my girl!

Miz UV said...

Hmm, I don't know about all those. Without You is good. I like This Guy's In Love With You (Alpert), With or Without You (U2), One Love (U2), etc. Blanking out now!

ruth said...

Great - I will copy this tomorrow. It should be a meme ;-)

RaeJane said...

I don't know very many of those songs!

Lucy said...

When i picked the 10 i only went for songs which i thought were going to be well known because nothing worse then going through peoples lists and not knowing hardly any of them. If i have done that then i am sorry.

I have heard about Guitar Hero TIO but have not had the pleasure of actually having a go on it. I have also become distracted of what your picture is beside your comment. Looks like a horses head on fire or maybe my screen is smudged.

The Intolerant One said...

LOL, It's 1/2 skull 1/2 my head with my sunglasses on and a face bandana. And Yes, my head is on fire. Cool huh?

Lucy said...

Head on fire, banadana covering your face. You really are taking this Michael Jackson devotion too far!

The Intolerant One said...

Too far? The objective is to completely out do him :)