Saturday, 9 February 2008

Video Games Clampdown

There are a few subjects that my pinko, tree hugging brethren and I differ on and one of those is the thorny question of whether what we see on our screens under the guise of entertainment has an effect on us.
I say hell yeah so sort it out Hollywood while other people poo poo it and carry on letting little Jenny and Johnny to play Manhunt and watch 'I Spit On Your Grave'.
To my shame the British Government and i seem to be in agreement because a Government report is suggesting a legally enforced classification system be introduced for video games.
There has been a few games banned in the UK due to them showing gross violence or sexual scenes but if this report turns law, there will be a whole raft of game titles added to the list.
I agree with the principle and hope that in order to escape having their products banned, the game industry will lessen the violence in their products, but policing it would be a whole different ball game.


The Intolerant One said...

We have it over here and it is a good thing for me as a parent.

But you are correct in the actual policing of it. Sadly, some "parents" (I use the term loosely) don't give rat's @** what little Johnny plays as long as it "babysits" him and keeps him out of their hair.

RaeJane said...

We don't allow vidoe games in our house.
Well, I mean, we don't own and Xbox, playstation, whatever else is out there.
My girls play a game called Jumpstart World.
I'm not a fan of video games unless it's educational.. and the type of education my girls would get from something like HALO isn't what I mean.

David G said...

Video games which show violence should be banned, period. Humans are violent enough without adding to their propensity.

Besides, what manner of moron would want to spend hours killing make-believe humans and beasts?