Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Amazing Picture

When i read about the baby being thrown 40ft from a blazing building in Germany and caught by a policeman below, my initial thought was wow, that's amazing.
It wasn't until i actually saw the pictures of the 6 month old free-falling that it really struck me just how amazing this story was.
Just after this picture was taken the parents jumped out of the same window and both are still in hospital recovering from their injuries but the baby girl called Onur, has been released and is unharmed.
Although this part of the story has a happy ending, nine people died in the fire, including 5 children, which police believe may have been started deliberately.


David G said...

It truly is an amazing photograph. Thank heavens the policeman was well coordinated!

P.S. I'll put your link on my site within the hour!

RaeJane said...

I know.. oh my. What a decision to make.