Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Look At The Firmware On That!

In the 1980's film, Revenge of the Nerds, a band of like minded dweebs fought back against there tormentors to gain their peace, self respect and a cute blonde girl. In the real world the nerds would be given wedgies before skulking off home to sit in their bedroom and play computer games until 4am. That's just the way it is and under no circumstances would they get the girl unless she came with a footpump.
But in true techno-geek fashion, the pasty face brigade have given up trying to woo the female population with their knowledge of calculus and being able to recite the script from Star Wars, and have built there own girlfriend. Nerds meet Emma, Emma meet nerds.
According to the makers, she walks like a lady, swings her hips to music, is always affectionate and acts like a real girlfriend.
Before you guys trade in your floppy for a hard drive, she is only 38cm tall and made of plastic but this is the first step on the journey to Futurama style sex-bots.
The idea of humans interacting with synthetic humans is an old idea but as technology continues relentlessly onwards and upwards, it will become more and more commonplace.
For some people - the lonely, the miserable, David Hasselhoff - sexbots could be a great relief and release although there are fears that an entire class of humans may emerge who will not know how to interact with the opposite gender and may never have sex with other humans. Very much like today's computer programmers come to think of it.


The Fez Monkey said...

Mock as much as you like, but from that profile shot it appears the robot has a great butt.

Oh, and didn't I warn you about the sexbots a few posts earlier?

Who's the visionary? The Monkey -- w00t w00t!

Ook ook

Lucy said...

It was your comment a few posts back that drew my attention to this Fez. All credit goes to you.

JodieKash said...

It was also the Japanese who also come up with the "Girlfriend” lap pillow for men and a “Boyfriend” pillow with a fake stuffed arm stitched to one side that you could cuddle with for the ladies.

Guess in a country with a population of 127 million there’s a big market for lonely.

Lucy said...

I see a theme developing jodie.

Cheezy said...

Call me sexist, but I reckon a girl with an inanimate or even battery-powered 'friend' is much more erotic that a guy with same... which is just sad, IMO.

Nate Peele said...

Great, she sways her hips to music and is affectionate. Any word on dishes and laundry? Until they come out with those attachments I'll take a real woman anyday.

JodieKash said...

…a girl with an inanimate or even battery-powered 'friend' is much more erotic than a guy with same"

I have many “friends”. Good friends. Thing is, whatsa guy to do? Yea the lap pillow is a bit creepy, and I would never touch it without latex gloved hand, but whatever gets you through the's alright.

Lucy said...

Just a thought but when they do develop sex-bots, will they be self cleaning like a cooker or dish washer? Not pleasant.