Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Anaheim Arsenal & San Antonio Spurs

If you ignore the 10 other London teams, there are really only two football teams in the capital.
One is Arsenal who receive platitudes for their entertaining style of play and refreshing approach to the beautiful game, and Tottenham Hotspur who receive barely muffled giggles when they take to the pitch.
As an Arsenal fan, i have long held bragging rights over the supporters of the White Hart Lane mob although it is always good natured and i am sure that they actually enjoy me constantly mentioning our 3 Premier League and 4 FA Cup triumphs in the last 10 years compared to their solitary League Cup win during the same period.
It was while mooching about the Internet for news about Arsenal, i discovered that not only is there an American basketball team called Arsenal, but one called Spurs as well.
Anaheim Arsenal are based in California and San Antonio Spurs from Texas although the rest of the teams websites may as well have been written in Latin because i didn't understand any of the Basketball speak except that Arsenal are in the NBA D-League and Spurs are in the NBA.
It is between seasons at the moment with the leagues beginning again in November although it seems pretty unlikely that they will ever play each other which is probably a good thing for Arsenal who would get a Ricky Hatton style thumping if they ever found themselves on the same court as the Spurs.
I did try to buy a mug from the Arsenal site but failed to navigate my way to the shop so if any Anaheim Arsenal representatives stumble across this and would quite like to reach out to a fellow Arsenal fan across the Atlantic and be holding a mug as they do it, i will give it pride of place on the shelf at work and make sure it stands proudly in front of the Spurs one.


Cody Bones said...

Your correct in thinking that they will never play each other, and if they did, Arsenal wouldn't have a chance. If your looking for a mug though, I would be honored to send you a Chicago Cubs mug, 100 years of futility and counting.

Nate Peele said...

Oh Cubs are evil. I've always been an Arsenal fan for some reason myself.

Cheezy said...

"entertaining style of play and refreshing approach to the beautiful game"

The fact that you've avoided the small issue of being the most ungracious & sour losers in sport is duly noted... ;)

(NB: For those unaware of this team's wholly-earned reputation, I cordially invite readers to google the words "arsenal" and "worst losers" and to investigate the resulting treasure trove).

"i have long held bragging rights over the supporters of the White Hart Lane mob"

Yeah yeah yeah, but what have you done lately eh?

Season 2007/2008:
Trophies Won -
Arse 0
Spurs 1

I was deeply touched by your sentimental nostalgia for the 'good old days' when you used to win stuff though.

"in the last 10 years compared to their solitary League Cup win during the same period."

Actually we also won the League Cup in 1999.

Hey, you knew that I'd bite, didn't you Lucy? Roll on next season! :-P

Cheezy said...

PS: That's an interesting idea though. I just popped by the San Antonio Spurs shop and they've got some pretty cool gear. I'm particularly tempted by one of the t-shirts and a pint glass...

Fairly reasonably priced too (in terms of sports merchandise, which is usually well overpriced).

Go on you (Texan) Spurs!

The Fez Monkey said...

I guess since England aren't in the Euro 2008 you footy fans have to resort to finding teams in different sports with the same names as those in the Premier League, eh?

As far as English clubs, I admit to a fondness for Arsenal -- simply because of reading Fever Pitch all those years ago. However, I do have a set of Spurs flights for my darts, so I suppose that puts them in 2nd place.

Back to Euro, Both Holland and Spain looked scary good in their opening matches, while Italy looked confused, slow, and timid. I fear my Azzurri will not be taking home the hardware this year.

Ook ook

Lucy said...

Thanks Cody but drinking your tea from your clubs mug is like a religion here and putting my Cubs mug in front of the Spurs mug on the shelf at work just wouldn't get the same reaction, appreciate the offer though.
I had a feeling you might touch on this post Cheezy and i was gutted that this Arsenal are apparently rubbish compared to Spurs in this parallel dimension. I was highly amused to find both Arsenal and Spurs basketball teams though. Also happy to see 3 Arsenal fans here as well with Nate, Fez and myself and you all lonely with only your Juanade Ramos calendar for company.

I did tip Italy to win it Fez but Holland, Spain, Germany & Portugal have all looked good so far. They will hopefully still have too much for Romania and France though.

Cheezy said...

Most of my extended family are Gooners too, Lucy, so it's not only in the blogosphere that I find myself outnumbered!

PS: I'm tipping Spain for the Euros. So long as it's not France anyway...

The Fez Monkey said...

Actually, Lucy ... truth be known, after the UEFA Champions final I really am finding myself more a Chelsea boy. That and because Steve Jones tells me to be.

I'm very hesitant to put my money on either Portugal or Spain to win because history shows them to be chronic chokers. I'm going with dark-horse Croatia -- especially if they can get the result over Germany.

Forza Azzurri ... in S. Africa 2010.

Ook ook

Lucy said...

I didn't know Steve Jones was Chelsea but i know Johnny is Arsenal.

Anonymous said...


I never imagined that there would be a discussion here related to the San Antonio Spurs. I have been to many Spurs games. Used to have season tickets on the floor next to the players - had the mayor's seats...

Go Spurs Go!


Cheezy said...

Q- Didn't David Robinson used to play for the Spurs? My knowledge of basketball is pretty limited these days, but he's one I remember from the 'Dream Team' and occasionally seeing him on telly...

Lucy said...

Didn't expect there to be a time i would ever say that Arsenal should avoid playing Spurs because they would get stuffed either Q. Just how many leagues above Arsenal are Spurs and is there any chance they will ever play each other?

Anonymous said...


David Robinson did play for the Spurs, still lives in San Antonio and is a local pastor now.


The Spurs have been the NBA champions (one could argue the world champions) 4 of the last 9 years.


Erik Novales said...

The Anaheim Arsenal and the San Antonio Spurs will never play each other -- the NBA and the NBDL (which is owned by the NBA) don't have a promotion/relegation system like you have in football.

If they did, the Spurs would easily destroy the Arsenal. The D-League talent level is nowhere near the level of a top-tier NBA team (which the Spurs are).

The Spurs do, however, own an affiliate team in the NBDL, the Austin Toros. They split the two games played against the Arsenal this past season.

Lucy said...

The words 'Spurs would easily destroy the Arsenal' sent shivers down my spine erik but i accept that in basketball the Spurs are better than the Arsenal. I expect when Arsenal beat Spurs B team they played with flair, imagination and passion while when Spurs beat Arsenal they fluked one in from the halfway line in injury time.