Sunday, 22 June 2008

Guns N Roses: Chinese Democracy

For those of us that like their music loud and played by men with long hair and amplifiers turned up so loud you can actually feel your eardrums trying to escape your head, the late 80's and early 90s was music at its high water line.
If you spent that era being shouted at to turn that noise down while you played air guitar in your bedroom, then the news that one of the greatest bands of our time is on the verge of releasing its next album should leave you as pumped as Pee Wee Herman's rubber doll.
Thirteen years and over £6 million in the making, Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses is reportedly slated for imminent release and tracks are already being downloaded after being leaked onto Torrent sites.
Axl Rose is the only surviving member from the original band which relied heavily upon the unsurpassed talents of Slash on his Gibson Les Paul Guitar although Brian May and Red Hot Chilli Peppers former guitarist Dave Navarro are said to have been drafted in to attempt the impossible and fill that particular gap.
With Rose one of rocks all time greatest frontmen and the chief writer on the G'n'R big hits such as Sweet Child O' Mine, November Rain and You Could Be Mine, the album promises to be an equal to any of the 5 others they have previously released and with the exception of only a handful of bands, we need a group like Guns n Roses because the music being put out today is depressingly bland.
It is also impossible to not like a band that annoy Jon Bon Jovi so much.


JodieKash said...

C.D. is folklore, legend, like the mighty Sasquatch or Nessie swimming in the depths of the Loch. Spoken of by crazies, hoped for by the locals.

Get yerself some Velvet Revolver instead.

Cheezy said...

I kinda like the idea of a huge indulgent self-important ego labouring for years, or at least talking about labouring for years, on a massively pretentious artistic 'statement' that has so much importance attached to it... at least from its creator, if from nobody else...

Yes, I like the idea of it alright... But I suspect the music itself will just sound like the bad half of 'Use Your Illusion I'... you know, the tracks you always skip when you listen to that one. But I stand to be corrected.

Anyway, what are the JuJu Hounds doing these days?

Cody Bones said...

No Duff, no Slash, no GNR. I think Axle needs to hang it up.

Lucy said...

I did try the Velvet Revolver Jodie and was quite impressed by it but then i would like anything Slash is involved in, i just haven't discovered anyone who can pluck a G string like him. And Brian May isn't even in the same league.
I always skip the final 3 of the 4 songs and go straight to Coma on use your illusions 1 Cheezy.
I will reserve judgement until i get to hear it cody although i am thinking without Slash, it will be like drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Kvatch said...

So over it... G&R had their moment, but like so many bands, they don't seem to know when it ended.

O' Tim said...

You know me - peace, love, dope - so count me in with JBJ (hell, he's a pretty decent actor, right?)

And when is Slash gonna and give up the Cousin It hairdo and that stupid hat?