Thursday, 26 June 2008

Psychic Predictions 2008: Update

As we are fast approaching the halfway point in the year, this would be a good opportunity to have a quick check on how the Psychic predictions for 2008 that the British Psychics at managed to foresee in January are getting on.

The Psychics predicted that:

1. The Beijing Olympics would be cancelled,
2. Earthquakes in California and Greece,
3. A hurricane greater than Katrina striking the US,
4. Panic as scientists discover that something healthy is actually the opposite,
5. India engaged in conflict,
6. A small nuclear detonation in the Middle East,
7. A major terrorist attack involving a missile,
8. The assassination of a major American politician,
9. A major volcanic eruption,
10 Riots in the UK,
11 Poignant space news
12 A white boat/ship with the name ELLE in the name making major news.

Hmm...not looking too good at the moment i admit, but the year is only at the halfway point so plenty of time to put that right although looking at the not very cheerful predictions above, maybe we should hope that the psychics were in a bit of a grumpy mood that day.
Remember, in accordance with the new laws governing psychics and mediums, this is just for entertainment and no money should be handed over to anyone claiming to predict your future. Unless you are terminally hard of thinking then email me at the address above to receive a personalised and in depth analysis of why your next bank statement will show an outgoing of £10, and all for the one time offer of £10.


Cheezy said...

"10 Riots in the UK,"

At a guess, I'd say that this one was contingent on England making it to Euro 2008, and the inevitable Quarter Final defeat on penalties.

The Fez Monkey said...

Let's see:

2. Earthquakes in California and Greece,
5. India engaged in conflict,
11 Poignant space news

Thank god these people weren't vague in their predictions!

Ook ook

PS: Cheezy, I don't think England's loss would've come on PKs, but on a late score in extra time. Sort of how Germany Turkeyed the Turks yesterday.

Lucy said...

My own prediction is for Germany to beat Spain. Nobody can play as bad as Germany did against Turkey and win if they were not fated to win the thing.
I did predict Italy to win the tournament though so i don't have a great record in this area.

Anonymous said...


I think the ook hit this one on the head. Predicting an earthquake in California is like predicitng that waves will hit the beach...


Lucy said...

Almost all of the predictions were far more vague than i would have liked Q, i think anyone of us could have predicted earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes and global conflicts.
The Olympics being cancelled and the white ship named ELLE would be impressive though.