Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Worrying Hair Trend Among Republicans

One of the tactics organisations like Peta use to bring attention to the plight of cruelty to animals
is to show us horrific pictures of creatures in distress. I apologise if the picture above causes distress to the fainthearted but i feel it is my duty to draw your attention to something that is going on right under our noses.
See these seemingly innocent young men applauding John McCain? Yes, the fashion police should obviously be summoned and letters sent home to parents to inform them they face prosecution if they ever let there sons near a wardrobe unaccompanied again, but look above the laughingly wide ties to the hairstyles.
Your eyes are not deceiving you, almost all these young men are wearing the same side parting style as McCain.
The next time McCain drags his aging carcass onto a stage, take a look at the male supporters and you also will notice that there is a growing trend among the McCain menfolk to ignore hair gel, a semblance of style, mirrors and the last 30 years to sport a hairstyle even Bill Gates would consider nerdy.
Politicians are role models and seeing this guy out there on stage is leading kids into thinking that maybe its ok to have a hilarious 1970's style side parting. It isn't because it starts with the hair and before you know it you a fully fledged right winger wearing nylon shirts, patent leather shoes and wanting to shoot homosexuals and Asians who don't sell you oil.
Just say no kids before it's too late. And for heavens sake find a decent hair stylist.


O' Tim said...

That is what we heathens in the Bible Belt call the "Young Baptists in Love" haircut.

Cheezy said...

They remind me of the 'Young Nats' (i.e. young tories) when I was at University... They all looked like they'd been dressed by their parents. It ain't right!

Lucy said...

Not right but bloody funny Cheezy.

Nate Peele said...

Uhm, that's how I wear my hair and I'm almost 40 so don't say my parents dressed me. The ladies love the look I bet.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well at least they aren't bald Lucy! Thank heaven for small mercies.

Lucy said...

All the sane women love a man with hair like that nate.
I'm sure i missed out an 'in' somewhere in that sentence.

Noah "Nog" M. said...

Some (less liberal) Texans might call these kids "queers".