Friday, 11 September 2009

International Mystery

Secret trips and hush-hush meetings, there seems to be something very strange going on between Russia and Israel recently.
The Israeli prime minister left his office in Jerusalem on Monday, telling only a handful of aides where he was going. In public, staff said he was visiting a "security installation" in Israel, but on Wednesday night the prime minister's bureau issued an update saying he had been engaged in secret activity.
It now appears that Netanyahu flew to Moscow with his national security adviser and rather than taking an Israeli air force jet, they hired a private aircraft.
Last month the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, travelled to Russia and met with the Russian President just after a Russian cargo ship had been kidnapped.
Curious indeed and speculation abounds that it is tied to the Russian ship and it's cargo which is rumoured to have been surface to air missiles destined for Iran and not sliced up trees at all.
Of course Israel is worried that Iran would use the weapons to protect itself against any military strike, the rotters, but i love a good old international mystery.
It may be completely innocent and Netanyahu was just up to his old tricks. Last time he was in office he was doing to his public relations consultant exactly what he was doing to the Palestinians at the time, only they didn't get flowers afterwards.


Anonymous said...


somebody said "the enemy of my enemy is my ally..."

somebody else said "self interest makes for strange bed fellows..."

i don't know what these quotes have to do with your post, i just happen to know them...


Lucy said...

I'm interested to know if Russia and Israel are joining forces or Israel is trying to bargain with Russia or if Russia are trying to sell out Israel. Whatever it is, they want to keep it quiet.