Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Defense Industry Council, DIC's For Short

I would say with almost certainty that when you watched the World news today, one of the items was a conflict somewhere in the World. There is also a very good chance that us good old Brits supplied the weapons to help out but those lovable defence industry bosses have launched a campaign urging whichever party wins the next election to boost spending on equipment to export to other armed forces.
Not for their own selfish reasons of course, but to help Britain out of recession.
The Defence Industries Council warned whoever forms the next government that future prosperity could be jeopardised unless spending on weapons increase.
When a reporter asked why arms spending deserved not only to avoid the impending cuts in public spending but have its budget increased, taking cash from programmes like health and education the reply was 'We are a special case. We create the wealth that funds these public services'.
In 2006 we exported arms to 19 of the 20 countries identified as "countries of concern" for abusing human rights including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Colombia, China, Russia, Pakistan, Jordan and Turkey.
We can be proud that the next time we watch the news and see a shell explode into a block of flats or a group of demonstrators cut down by a spray of bullets, that's another step out of recession for us thanks to the Defence Industries Council not having a decent bone in their deplorable body.


Anonymous said...


maybe you brits need an organization to take care of the DIC's like, ohhhh saaaaay, the "Collective Unarming National Teamsters"...


Cheezy said...

Damn right, if there's one institution our most profitable gun-runners need to keep them in line, it's the Mafia...