Thursday, 24 September 2009

Entrance Music For The UN Delegates

The best and brightest are all turning up at the UN General Assembly but to make it a bit more interesting, the World leaders have asked to make an entrance in the style of boxers, with music greeting them as they make their way to the podium to give their speeches.
The song list has mysteriously gone missing but i'm sure that we could pull something together in such short notice.

First up is Libya's Colonel Gadaffi. Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' should do it.
Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas is up next so it's got to be Guns 'n' Roses, 'Right next door to hell'.
Can't quite see that little guy walking up so its got to be a small child or Nicolas Sarkozy. Considering his recent heart problems, Fergal Sharkeys 'A good heart is hard to find' should go down quite well.
As Robert Mugabe recently celebrated his 85th birthday, i wonder if he will understand the message behind Billy Joel's 'Only the good die young' as he takes his place at the podium.
Here comes the Belgium leader so 'Being Boring' by the Pet Shop Boys should make him think of home and we can use it for the Canadian PM when it's his turn.
Hugo Chavez, so it can only be 'Your the best thing' by the Style Council and i'll get 'Bring Your Own Bomb' teed up for Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai.
To close the day its the President of the United States, Barack Obama and looking at his ratings recently, 'Every day i love you less and less' by the Kaiser Chiefs will hit the spot.

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