Sunday, 13 September 2009

All About Rebecca Grant

I got given some advice on how to attract more people to my blog after mentioning to one of the tech guys that my visitor numbers had dropped considerably recently.
Being far to polite to just say that it was purely down to the rubbish posts that i put up, he beckoned me closer and whispered in my ear that the secret was repeating keywords.
Obviously he noticed my blank look and explained that everything came down to the 'zeitgeist' and matching up what people write into search engines with words in the post.
Another blank look later and i was directed to the Google trend page.
The top words written into Google at that time were 'rebecca grant', so it was patiently explained that if i were to write a post about rebecca grant, and use the words rebecca grant as many times in the post as was possible, i would find myself towards the top of Google searches and as people don't delve deeper than a few pages, my blog would be visited more often.
Apparently this is how the more well known bloggers get such big numbers and it was a well known secret that i obviously had missed or just ignored because i tend to glaze over when the tech people start up.
The only problem is that unless you know anything about rebecca grant, which i don't, then the blogger is stuffed. Checking it now, the top words are nfl field pass which means nothing and would mean a 3 word post if i followed this method.
This does leave the dilemma of writing what you want on your blog and let whoever stumbles across it do so, or writing things according to a top 10 list which would attract readers but meant writing things to order as it were, which you cared nothing about.
I promised that i would give it a go and see what happens. Oh and before i forget, whatever you did rebecca grant to make yourself so popular, well done/boo you (delete as applicable).


effay said...

Could just be due to all the reader software out there now. For instance, I read your blog with Google Reader and I don't think that gives you a hit when I read a post through it. I think the only time you get hits from me are when I click-through to comment. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Anonymous said...


i think it is because W is done. most of the blogging activity i saw evolved around either hating or defending W, the USA, and neo-conservatives.

and it isn't just your blog. that crazy "dangerous creations" guy has lost a lot of volume (a lot), "porque pas" is down to a handful of people insulting each other, and the blogs of many bloggers that i use to see on a daily basis are now defunct...

the noticeable drop of activity is why i titled one of my recent posts "where has all the angst gone"?

Obama says words that the far left likes to hear, but he hasn't made anything better and has even inflated the afgan war, yet the hate posts toward the USA and neo-cons has dropped off the chart...

the press is part of the game too - we saw iraq bad news every day when W was in office (with a complete blind eye and deaf ear concerning good news), but we don't hear any bad news from the afgan war... the press sucks


Lucy said...

I had 4 people come from google who had been looking for Rebecca Grant. Obviously they were disappointed.

Todays top words are 'US open mens final 2009'.