Saturday, 17 April 2010

Boring Debate #1

We have their toast, sticks and letters so i guess we may as well have France's Presidential debates as well and although i watched it, i'm not really sure what use they were.
The three politicians had their answers so polished they almost gleamed as they smiled in the right places and said the right things to the pre-picked questions.
Interestingly the programme that followed was Question Time where the audience get to fire questions at the politicians and generally give them a hard time which is much more informative to the viewer then the sterile talking shop we got.
Why Gordon Brown agreed to it is any ones guess because presentation is not his strongest point. He has the type of dour delivery that he makes everything sound like a particular boring shipping forecast.
David Cameron and Nick Clegg was always going to seem more interesting stood beside him, not because they are anymore entertaining, just by virtue of being alive.
The general consensus was that Liberal Democrat Clegg won the night with Gordon Brown a distant third although much of that was because while the Labour and Conservatives concentrated on trying to trip each other up, the cactus burning Clegg stood at the end and got away relatively unscathed.
As a sop to Rupert Murdoch, the next debate is on Sky TV which means the viewing figures for the second show will be disappointing although i do question how much use there is to watching the three of them repeat parrot fashion lines that they have been practising since the debate idea was first mentioned.
All i learnt was that when it comes to questioning members of Parliament, the public given a free hand, do it much better.

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Anonymous said...

in the US debates don't help you win if you do good (like you said a bunch of canned messages), but if you do bad it can cost you the election...