Friday, 2 April 2010

Say goodbye to Hollywood Madrid

It seems that Hollywood is threatening to boycott Spain due to its terrible record of illegal downloading.
"People are downloading movies in such large quantities that Spain is on the brink of no longer being a viable home entertainment market for us" said the chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Obviously this won't be a problem in Spain because they are all downloading them for free anyway but before other countries give a whoop and crack open the bit-torrent client, can i at least get to see a film that promises to be a great first. You can fill your boots then.
In the early eighties when all the cool kids were watching Evil Dead and Raiders of the Lost Ark, i was sat with the other spotty, wheezy kids watching Clash of the Titans. The chatter in class was all about how the Nazi guys face melted and everyone ignored my talk of Medusa with the snake hair or the scary Kraken monster.
Hollywood does seem to have fallen into a habit of rehashing old films or just churning out sequels but once in a while it does put out a decent film for those of us who don't much care for a cartoony, moody and ugly monster falling in love although i'm sure Keanu Reeves is a lovely guy off-screen.
Like 300, i am expecting a rip-roaring epic with cutting edge animation and graphics but i am afraid what we will get for our £10 Vue ticket is a weak imitation of a classic film.
Me and my fellow geeks will rise up, and actually not do much because we are still wheezy and a bit nerdy, but we won't be happy.
Alternatively, i can nip over to Spain and watch it for nothing.


Cody Bones said...

As long as the remake does away with that stupid mechanical owl, I'm all in.

Hanz said...

I have seen the trailer and there was no sign of it although how will he get the all seeing eye without it?