Monday, 19 April 2010

Why not under the sea?

We have long been able to take any form of transport and move holiday makers around the planet.
In the air with planes and airships and over land on trains and motorised vehicles and even over sea with ships, hovercrafts and boats.
One area that we don't seem eager to exploit is under the sea although we have long had the technology.
Submarines skim along under the water and are not affected by erupting volcanoes, high winds or snow yet apart from military purposes, we have not yet had anyone that has taken the submarine idea and turned it into a method to offer travellers to get from one point to another.
Possibly it is too expensive or there are other unseen reasons i have not considered why this has not been thought of but i see a great opportunity for someone to introduce a new form of transport that moves along beneath the waves.
If they do, remember who mentioned it first and i expect a mention in the history books.


Anonymous said...

I'm prediting that by 2020 there will be submarine cruises... cool huh!


Falling on a bruise said...

As long as i get my cut.

The Intolerant One said...

"They" have already experimented with flying "anyone who wants to pay" into outer space. I am quite sure a sub would be less expensive.

What you say actually makes sense Hanz. Your right. Why has this avenue not been investigated as a another, possibly more efficient, means of transport?