Friday, 26 November 2010

America Said What???

My Grandmother always told me not to say anything about somebody that you wouldn't say to their face as the truth will always come out. Shame the Americans never had a similar Granny to pass on pearls of wisdom because it is now forced to scuttle around the globe warning of the imminent release of millions of embarrassing and sensitive diplomatic documents sent between the State Department and it's embassy's.
The communications, said to include candid remarks about world leaders, ambassadors and foreign leaders, are expected to be published by Wikileaks and the US State Department has condemned the actions of the website as 'gratuitous and likely to harm relations and erode trust between countries'.
I love the idea that the State Department have been ferreting through their archives trying to discover exactly what derogatory remarks they have made about other leaders and then trying to convince them that what they actually meant when they said the Prime Minister was a toadying bootlicker was a great honour in their country. Honest Tony, the Bootlicking Toad is much revered for its bravery and erm, leadership qualities in Albuquerque.
The US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said about the impending leaks 'This is harmful to our national security. These revelations are going to create tension in our relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world.' Not your emails slagging them off creating the tension then PJ?
UK Prime Minister David Cameron said 'Obviously, the Government has been briefed by US officials, by the US ambassador, as to the likely content of these leaks. We don't want to speculate about precisely what is going to be leaked before it is leaked'.
I would like to point out that before the citizens of the offended countries reach for their keyboards to lob brickbats back at Americans, the term 'burger eating invasion monkey' has already gone as i snapped that one up years ago.


David G. said...

These leaks could open some eyes, Lucy. They might even jog a few brains into action, brains that still think it's 1945 and we are beholden to the Yanks.

Hopefully they will reveal America's plan to take control of the world, for its own benefit of course.

U.S. stands for Utterly Self-serving!

Remember that.

Lucy said...

I am looking forward to it David, it's going to be interesting to see exactly what they said and who they said it about.

Anonymous said...

lucy - american representatives could hardly say anything about world leaders that would rival what you say...

david - do you really think the "leaks" will change anything? really? you might want to reconsider your views on people and what makes them tick...


Lucy said...

I am not knocking it q, i expect if you delved into any countries diplomatic documents you would find things they would rather they keep quiet.
Admit it, you are interested to hear who said what about who and i will admit to a great feeling of Schadenfreude over it all.