Saturday, 27 November 2010

UK Government Issue DA-notice

A Defence Advisory Notice is something the Government hands down to the media and is essentially a request for the media to not report on something 'in the national interest'. Prince Harry being in Afghanistan is a recent example.
Today, the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) has made a request to newspaper editors, television and radio broadcasters concerning the soon to be published documents sent between the US State Department and its embassy's around the World.
The DA Notice (standings 01 Military operations & 05 UK Security) is not ordering a blackout of the story and any publication that ignore it is not going to end up in court, but it is a firm reminder that the print and broadcast media should be concerned for disclosing 'information which could damage national security'. It has asked that editors consult with the DPBAC before they publish any information.
The countries said to be the main beneficiaries of the most intensive US diplomatic briefings are the governments of Great Britain, Canada, Israel, Australia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Denmark, Italy and Norway.
It seems that whatever is due to be released, it is going to be diplomatic dynamite and hugely embarrassing for the United States.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has closed the comments section on the story on its website.
I expect the British media to largely ignore the DA Notice because on the age of the internet, it is going to be all over blogs and websites before the newspapers hit the newstands.
Nothing stays secret for very long and this DA Notice has been rendered redundant already and the US State Department will be squirming for a long time to come over the exposure of its backroom dealings.


David G. said...

Big Brother is alive and kicking in Great Britain, Lucy.

Hopefully the truth will get out and the collusion and the dirty deals between the imperial U.S. and its so-called 'Allies' will be there for all to see.

I am ashamed that my country is involved with America. We are not imperialists or warmongers yet we are allowing ourselves to be used by the U.S. which cares about nothing but itself and grabbing control of the world!

Anonymous said...

This blog has been noted for further attention. Please be very careful with how you proceed.

Lucy said...

This is going to be very interesting David especially as it is going to implement so many people. Personally, i am very keen to discover some dirt on Israels dealing with Palestine.

Consider your comment noted and duly ignored Anonymous.

David G. said...

Since the Israelis began dealing with the Palestinians in 1947 there has been nothing but dirty tricks and tactics to say nothing of murder, genocide and land-stealing, Lucy.

The Americans are better at hiding things (or at least they were prior to Iraq).

Good on Julian, I say!

Lucy said...

I agree on both points regarding Israel and Julian although i do worry for his safety now.