Friday, 12 November 2010

Another Tory Policy

Guess which of these brilliant wheezes the coalition have come up with this time are true.

McDonalds and KFC to advise on healthy eating policy
BA Tobacco to advise on anti-smoking campaign
The wine & spirit trade association to advise on sensible drinking policy

Crazy you say. You must be making them all up because no credible Government would do something so unbelievably stupid as invite any of them to make decisions on Government policy. Well you are wrong because two of them are true and have been invited to help Cameron and Clegg write Government policy. We will not be loving it but McDoanlds, KFC and the Wine & Spirit Association will be.
Not for the Tories doctors or dieticians, they have dragged in the people who's business it is to get us to drink as much alcohol and eat as much junk food as possible to advise us on what to eat and drink.
Maybe i am being cynical and KFC and McDonalds will turn out a policy which tells us to eat more fruit and vegetables and the Wine and Spirit people will suggest reducing our alcohol intake.
We are all in this together remember. Now i wonder how the talks with the cremation and cemetery committee to take over the NHS is getting on.


Anonymous said...


knowing what is healthy, and offering the public something healthy, and the public buying healthy are three different things.

our choices seem to be:
1. let people care for themselves which you lefties just can't do (you must make things "fair as you see fit" to care for the people that "you think deserve it")
2. count on the gobernment to care for the people, which you lefties have had for years, yet you gripe about all the time
3. let the government (a necessary evil to be minimized) enforce the rules but not also let people fail (USA from 1790 until 1920)

so, you want people to have choices which mcd and kfc offer; but you think people are unhealthy and someone must be blamed (except for the unhealthy people); so you want the government to fix the problem; and you want to blame the companies that are giving the people what they want...

hmmmm - leftie logic is wacked


Lucy said...

You don't see the possible conflict of interest with allowing KFC and McD's advising on what people should eat??
Why not a group of dieticians or doctors who would know exactly what is healthy?
How many dieticians would you imagine would say McD's or KFC should be part of a healthy diet?
The country faces an obesity problem so they get junk food businesses to help and you don't se that as crazy?

Cheezy said...

I agree with Q that we don't need the government spending our money in order to tell us that McDonalds is shit food and that smoking and drinking too much comes with health hazards. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you should know this already (and you can never legislate for those who can't).

And I agree with Lucy that we definitely don't need them spending our money on projects involving companies and institutions that have clear conflicts of interest.

Hmmmm... How about they just hold fire on this whole thing eh? Sometimes less is more!