Monday, 29 November 2010

North Korea And Prince Andrew

The Wikipedia leaks were supposed to be making the American leadership uncomfortable but it seems there may be a few backsides shuffling uneasy on seats in Beijing and Pyongyang tonight.
China seems to be distancing itself from its North Korean ally according to the latest leaked US embassy document that reveal senior Beijing figures regard their ally as a 'spoiled child'.
It also admits that a growing view within the Chinese Communist Party is that Korea should be reunified under Seoul's control which won't go down well in North Korea as it's bodyguard moves slowly to one side.
Another document from today's batch show that the senior Royal who acted inappropriately was Prince Andrew.
No, he didn't actually pay for something or do anything as drastic as work, at a dinner for business leaders, he was cocky and rude and labelled 'idiocy' the serious fraud squad investigation into the BAE bribery scandal.
So Prince Andrew is obnoxious, arrogant and a bit dim. Nothing we didn't already know there then.


Cheezy said...

I'm loving the Prince Andrew stuff. The US diplomat's account of what a conceited, blustering old bore he has become (just like his old man eh?) definitely has the ring of truth about it.

It's no wonder the Royals don't wheel him out very often. I bet that's his Mum's doing, not wanting to advertise what an embarrassment her third-born is... Sorry Mum! The 'secret' is out! :-p

Lucy said...

The fourth son isn't anything to shout home about either. When it came out that a Senior Royal had been acting inappropriately my first thought was that has to be Philip.
To mu surprise it wasn't but imagine if Prince Philip had been there.