Saturday, 6 November 2010

Santa's Address

It's that time of year where Santa is making his list and has began checking it twice ready to dish out lumps of coal or toys to boys and girls.
Something that has always bothered me is where does Santa live? It is important because if some jolly fat man is going to be dropping treats under my Christmas tree, i want to know what nationality he is.
I have always considered him to be from Lapland but that region takes in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia so he could be a Swede, Finn, Norwegian or even a Russian.
Not wanting to be left out by their Nordic neighbours, the Danes have thrown their hat into the already cramped ring with Santa's grotto being somewhere in Greenland.
Another popular choice for the jolly mans residence is the North Pole and as no countries ownership stretches to the centre of the North Pole region, that makes Santa a stateless person with no citizenship or nationality.
The Americans are trying to stake a claim for the bearded one with noises that he lives in Alaska while traditionalists point out that in his original guise he is from Turkey.
So where do i post my pressie list to because i want to make Santa gets it so we don't have a repeat of last year where i asked for a long wool blend coat and got a Trivial Pursuit board game instead.
It was a very nice board game mind but knowing who won the derby in 1968 doesn't keep my rapidly creaking body warm on a January morning.
As usual the Internet is the answer to all our problems and the UK Royal Mail hold Santa's address as 'Father Christmas, North Pole, SAN TA1'.
The Finnish postal service deliver Santa's letter to 'Santa Claus, Santa Claus Village, FIN-96930 Arctic Circle, Finland'.
The American postal service route all Santa's letter to 'North Pole, Alaska, H0 H0 H0'.
I have been reassured that a letter posted to any of these address will reach him so if you have been good and have a request or would like to make your case that hideously scratching your husbands 'Best of The Eagles CD' with a nail file so he can't play it incessantly was an accident and shouldn't put you on the bad list, you had better get writing. The Royal Mail can only guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve if posted by the 8th December.

PS. If you are reading this Santa, a long wool coat please and my husband is requesting a new 'Best of The Eagles CD' as his doesn't seem to be working for some unknown reason.


Anonymous said...

santa is universal, he lives where you want him to live, and you find in him what you seek from him.


Falling on a bruise said...

You still need an address to write to him though.

Cheezy said...
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Cheezy said...

"santa is universal, he lives where you want him to live, and you find in him what you seek from him."

Is it just me, or does old Father Chrimbo sound kinda 'God-like' in that quote? I won't quibble...

And when you think about it, songs like 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town', do have a similar sort of meaning to more pious Christmas carols, don't they? i.e. Some old guy is going to reward you, but first you have to be good, "So be good for goodness sake!".

Lucy said...

There is also the beard and nobody ever sees him but many people still 'believe' in him. Granted, most of the Santa crowd are under 5 years old.

Anonymous said...

Love this and thank you lucy. My son has copied all 3 addresses and is posting Santa his list tonight.