Friday, 5 October 2012

Savile & Those That Knew

As all decent lawyers knows, the dead can't sue which is why 40 years after the event, it is safe for all the showbiz types to come out and say that they knew Jimmy Savile was a pervy child abuser.  
With hindsight you can look at him and think 'it's obvious, he is exactly what a child abuser would look like' but there he was front and centre on our television screens, even hosting kids shows on prime time, and all the time he was doing god knows what to children in his dressing room and in the back of his car.
If that isn't bad enough, it is now that his BBC colleagues step up to tell us that they always knew what he was up to but didn't dare say anything. Janet Street Porter last night claimed that she kept quiet about it because 'nothing would have been done' rather than 'it would have jeopardised my career' which is what she really meant.
Her career went onwards and upwards while more and more teenage girls had their life's ruined by the paedophile. At least everything turned out okay for you then Janet and the rest who looked the other way.
Stories are now emerging how Savile shared his victims with Gary Glitter and another celebrity who has yet to be named but is suspected to be the comedian Freddie Starr who had an injunction removed yesterday although he strongly denies that he was the 'third man' at the dressing room sex parties Savile and Glitter hosted.
It is also unsettling that a thankfully small minority are asking what's the point in all of these allegations being fired at him now if he's dead?.
True, he can't be prosecuted but he can have his reputation torn to shreds, his statue has already been removed from a Glasgow leisure centre and a memorial plaque fixed on his home in Scarborough has been attacked with graffiti.
Vilification is the very least he deserves but it could have been stopped and he could have been properly prosecuted years ago if only some of those who knew about it had not looked the other way muttering that nothing would be done.

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